It was my pleasure to work with Dr. Everhart for nearly 25 years.  During that time, he solved problems for hundreds of home owners and farm families.  He was also an excellent instructor for the ISU Master Gardener program and various field days for youth.
    Eldon’s horticulture knowledge is excellent and he has a great sence of humor.

Duane R. Feltz, Director (retired)
Shelby County ISU Extension
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Finding solutions to your horticulture and business problems is our passion.  You may have questions about aronia berries or other crops, plant disease, insect, or herbicide drift. You may need our expert witness services or an educational presentation for an event or conference.  We can help you.
  (See contact information listed below.)

Everhart Horticulture Consulting is a family-owned business.  We take great pride in being more responsive to your needs than many large businesses, organizations, and agencies.  Included below are testimonials from a few of our clients and cohorts.

We provide information and advice to established and “want-to-be” horticulture businesses, producers, and gardeners.  Our areas of expertise include:

With over 70 years of combined education and consulting experience, we can efficiently and professionally find the answers to your needs.  Please contact us for all of your horticulture consulting needs.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Eldon R. Everhart
1208 Chestnut Street
Atlantic, IA 50022-2236
Office: 712-254-4035
Cell: 712-249-3868
Email: click here
Blog: Aronia in America (click here)

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Aronia melanocarpa, black chokeberry
A “New” Crop for the USA
by Dr. Eldon Everhart
Dr. Everhart talking to students about sustainable horticultural practices at ecology & forestry field days.
You Have Questions --
We Have Answers

Dr. Eldon Everhart presenting a PowerPoint program.
Dr. Eldon Everhart giving a demonstration talk.
Hello Dr. Everhart,

Just wanted to thank you and let you know that I have been using the resource page on your website for some research.  I really love the information on your website since plants and flowers are my passion!

Mrs. Katie, home gardener
Dr. Everhart has a passion for education and horticulture!  His knowledge is both broad and deep.  I have known him and worked with him for many years.  He is the “Aronia Berry Expert” in the United States.  I recommend that you contact him and you will find out all the ways he can help you.

Duane E. Mann, owner
     Mann Orchard Supply
Dr. Everhart has accumulated a lifetime
of horticultural knowledge and expertise in working with specialty crop producers.
I often recommended him to new growers and he is the “must talk to” expert for anyone considering aronia berries.  Thank you for all the help that you provide.

Mike Bevins
State Horticulturist (formerly)
Iowa Department of Agriculture

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Eldon asked me to be a speaker at the Siouxland Garden Show over a year in advance, which speaks volumes about his organizational skills.  He provided ample support and I sailed through the beautiful, well-attended event without any worry or stress.  Working with Eldon was a pleasure!

Stacey Hirvela, Senior Garden Editor
Martha Stewart Living magazine
New York, New York
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Eldon was the horticulture instructor at Iowa Lakes Community College who inspired me on to a career in horticulture. We covered a lot of information in those two years and Eldon was always there with excellent answers to questions and encouragement....  Thanks very much Eldon.

Rich Frieden , professional gardener
     University of Missouri
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    Everhart Horticulture Consulting is a great resource for someone like me who doesn't know a lot about horticulture.  The links to diffrent types of gardening information are also very helpful.  Before I found this website I didn't know anything about aronia berries.
    Thank you very much Dr. Everhart.

All my best,
Francine Davis
Science Student Teacher
Seattle Public Schools
I've known Eldon for many years and worked with him on the ISU Master Gardener program and the Siouxland Garden Show.  It is my pleasure to recommend Eldon for his vast experience and extensive knowledge of horticulture. 

Mimi Shanahan, former horticulturist  
     Iowa State University
Dr. Everhart consulting on herbicide drift case, vineyard in Nebraska, June 2014
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Out On A Limb. 
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