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Aronia Berry Information - search engines & other resources
  • Aronia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Aronia Berries, Products, Recipes, & Other Information
        (to buy the book, click ad on right)
  • ARO - Fort Wayne, Indiana.
                                            (videos of - planting, harvesting)
  • LIFE (Levi's Indigenous Fruit Enterprise) - Keota, Iowa.
  • Sawmill Hollow - Missouri Valley, Iowa.                     Filing a Lawsuit - this video tells how click here

Aronia Plants - mail-order businesses that sell aronia plants
  • One Green World - dwarf type, 'Viking' & 'Nero', & 'Ivan's Beauty' (see description below).
  • Raintree Nursery - three types of A. melanocarpa including 'Viking' & 'Ivan's Beauty.'
('Ivan's Beauty' is tree form hybrid between A. melanocarpa & mountain ash.)

Note --  We do not sell aronia plants or aronia seeds.  However, several of the ads on this website and
    on our blog do sell aronia plants or aronia seeds.  Click on the ads to purchase aronia plants or aronia seeds.

Gardening & Horticulture Related Resources

Gardening & Related Topics - search engins & other resources
  • Buyer Tips - links to other gardening related websites.
  • Flower Anatomy - for kids (of all ages) with links to other websites.                                                              
  • Garden Helper - information, reference charts, zone and frost maps, & trivia.
  • Garden Visit - guide to tours, products, gardens, nurseries, design, history, blog
  • Garden Web - the largest gardening site on the Internet.
  • Hortline - answers to questions about lawn, garden, & landscape plants.
  • Mole Man - everything you need to know about moles.
  • Rodale Institute - organic research farm, on-line course, price reports, & webzine.
  • Safe Lawns - non-profit company that promotes organic lawn care.
  • Ultimate Guide - links to botanical gardens, flower shows & horticulture societies.
  • - search engine for gardening websites & other websites.

University & Government Websites - gardening, horticulture, & related topics
  • ATTRA - sustainable & organic methods, National Sustainable Ag. Info. Service.
  • Backyard Farmer - gardening questions & answers, Univ. of Nebraska TV program.
  • Gardening - United States Department of Agriculture.
  • Plant Facts - multimedia digital collection, Ohio State University.

Blogs - on-line journals where people post their experiences & information
  • Garden Rant - by four gardeners from different corners of the USA.
  • Radio Blog – by Stacey Hirvela, Former Garden Editor, Martha Stewart Living.
  • Pond Blog - from Loch Ness Water Gardens, Greenwood, SC.

Shows & Presentations
  Siouxland Garden Show - click logo
Spray Schedules

Magazines & Books - subscribe or purchase your choices on-line
  • Children's Books - about gardens and gardening. (click ads on right)
  • Fine Gardening - magazine with 6 issues/year. (click ad on right)
  • Garden Bookstore - click on map to find books related to your area of the country.
  • Garden Gate - gardening magazine with no ads. (click ad on right)
  • Horticulture - print plus kindle issue. (click ad in far right column)
  • Iowa Gardener's Travel Guide - book by Kelly Norris. (click ad on right)
  • Organic Gardening - magazine. (click ad on right)
  • Timber Press - search for new books by title, author, or subject & buy online.

Garden Writer's & Media Personalities
  • Garden Home by P. Allen Smith - articles, videos, tips, & projects, from Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Paul Tukey -  author, speaker, & environmental advocate from Cumberland, Maryland.
  • The Iowa Gardener - newsletter by gardeners, edited by Veronica Fowler & Ben Allen from Iowa.


Fun, Funny, &/or Far-out Stuff
  • A Funny Year in the Garden - gardening cartoons by Chris Madden. (click ads for her books below)
  • Jaboticaba - a tropical tree with edible fruit on its trunk & branches.

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