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Expert Witness Services:  Herbicide Drift Consultations:

If you are looking for a high quality expert witness who is a horticulture
specialist, then Dr. Eldon Everhart is a good choice. Most attorneys,
jurors, judges, claim managers, and laypeople are not familiar with
plant science, horticulture jargon, or diagnosis of symptoms.
Because of that, Dr. Everhart can be a valuable asset in legal
cases involving horticultural plants.

Dr. Everhart is a well-known and respected professional. He has
specialized knowledge and experience in horticulture related pesticide
drift complaints.  Cases have involved financial losses due to growth or yield
reduction or loss of aesthetic value.  Plants have included ornamentals, trees,
shrubs, fruits (including grapes), and vegetables grown in commercial and home
greenhouses, high tunnels, fields, nurseries, vineyards, and landscape plants in rural and urban settings. 

For over 40 years, Dr. Everhart has served as a professional witness or judicial expert in court cases (see list to right) and has written numerous legal opinions or depositions.  He has extensive experience diagnosing and assessing plant damage and injury symptoms due to alleged herbicide drift.  Dr. Everhart also has research-based knowledge and practical experience differentiating signs and symptoms of actual herbicide drift from those due to other causes.  This includes biotic problems caused by living organisms, such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, insects, mites, and animals. It also includes abiotic disorders are caused by nonliving factors, such as drought stress, sunscald, freeze injury, wind injury, lightening strikes, girdling roots,nutrient deficiency, soil pH, salinity, or improper cultural practices, such as overwatering, planting too deep, or incorrect fertilization.

Everhart Horticulture Consulting also provides landscape tree and plant appraisal, damage evaluation, loss assessment, and advice on how to manage, avoid &/or minimize pesticide drift and future damage.  A comprehensive written &/or verbal report of losses and options can be prepared and delivered to clients for each case.

Examples of services provided include mediation of disputes
between applicators and property owners, and between neighbors
regarding damage to existing plant materials caused by a variety
of activities including off-target pesticide drift, faulty applications,
excavation, pruning practices, etc.

To accurately diagnose herbicide injury, one must know the signs
and symptoms produced by individual herbicides on specific plants.  
Grapevines, tomato plants, and redbud trees are some of the most
sensitive plants to herbicide spray drift.  Commercial applicators and
landowners spraying herbicides must be aware of the adverse
effect herbicide drift may have on nearby non-target plants.
Different herbicides may show different symptoms depending
on the plant injured, timing, mode of action and fate of the
herbicide, the dose applied, and other factors that interact
and complicate the diagnosis.

In addition, a variety of factors may cause symptoms that resemble herbicide injuries
Some of these include insect and disease damage, diverse weather such as frost damage and drought, soil compaction, root stress or damage, improper soil pH, misapplied fertilizers, ice-melting or de-icing salt, moisture stress, genetic mutations, and other factors.

In the courtroom, Dr. Everhart's demeanor conveys self-confidence but not arrogance.  He is polite but not patronizing.  His appearance is well dressed but not flashy or slick.  His testimony and sworn statements are based on his own experiences and research in addition to laboratory results, literature reviews, extension publications, published research, and findings of the Spray Drift Task Force for ground and aerial application.

Dr. Everhart communicates facts to the jurors in an unbiased, objective, and credible way, without being perceived as an advocate.  He speaks with good diction and proper grammar, without slang, and in concise sentences. He gets directly to the point without sounding blunt.  He explains complicated concepts in easy to understand ways that makes sense to a lay audience, without appearing patronizing.  Before each case, he prepares extensively and thoroughly rehearses his testimony.  But, in the courtroom, he appears spontaneous and unrehearsed but precise and accurate.

Because Dr. Everhart provides an unbiased evaluation of each incident and shares research-based information, the cases that he works on are most often resolved out-of-court with settlements that are satisfactory to all parties.  With his help, it is often possible to avoid protracted, expensive, and divisive litigation.  If you find yourself involved in a herbicide drift situation, please contact us or have your attorney contact us as early as possible in the process.

A non-refundable retainer fee and a signed Expert Witness Agreement is required prior to the client (or the client's attorney) declaring Dr. Everhart as an expert witness in legal cases.

                                                   Office: 712-254-4035
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Everhart Horticulture Consulting - In the statements above and everywhere else on this website, the name "Everhart Horticulture Consulting" and the abbreviation "EHC" refer to Eldon Everhart, Lindsey Everhart, Sydney Everhart, and all owners, partners, and employees of this business.

  • The following guidelines are what we use to price your project
  • However, please contact us for a free price quote and detailed description of services we can provide

Phone & Email Consultations
  • $40/20 minutes or 1 question
  • $70/40 minutes or 2 questions
  • $100/60 minutes or 3 questions

On-site Visits
  • Starting at $300 plus travel for 3 hour visit 
  • Total pricing will vary depending on the
  distance to your site and type of service
  • Commercial business visits are more 

Plant Identification
  • Iowa State University's Hortline provides
  plant identification for $10 per sample
  • If you would like a second opinion or prefer
  to work with us, we will be happy to help you
          for $10 per plant

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Aronia Berry Consultations
  • For prospective, new and established aronia berry growers
  • Information on the cultivation of aronia berries
  • Recommendations regarding site selection
  • Grant writing services
  • Any other questions or concerns you may have regarding aronia berry cultivation

Commercial Horticulture Consultations
  • For commercial producers of horticulture, nursery and landscape crops
  • Diagnosis and treatment recommendations for plant diseases and insect pests
  • Advice and "how-to" help for growers who want to become organic certified or more environmentally responsible

Tree Consultations
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Evaluation of potential hazard trees
  • Tree selection & care recommendations
  • Construction damage prevention recommendations
  • Tree evaluation for legal or insurance purposes

Herbicide Drift Consultations
  • For parties involved in disputes regarding damage caused by herbicide spray drift
  • Diagnosis of spray drift damage
  • Laboratory analysis of residue.
  • Diagnosis of other possible causes.

Home Horticulture Services
  • Advice on how to become more environmentally responsible, including rain collection & rain gardens, pest management, etc.
  • Diagnosis and treatment advice for plant diseases and insect pests
  • Plant identification

Educational Presentations
  • For small, medium, or large groups
  • Tailored for each audience
  • Customized for time available
  • List of topics available on request

Contact us for details
  • Office: 712-254-4035
  • Cell:     712-249-3868
Dr. Everhart giving a PowerPoint program.
Dr. Everhart served as Iowa State University Horticulturist for over 20 years.  He is an expert on aronia as well as other horticulture plants.  I recommend Eldon highly to assist home owners & commercial growers with their horticulture questions & problems.
-- Gary Guge, Harrison County Extension Director (retired)
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Expert witness cases
(during recent years)

Bradley v. Southern State
Cottontown, TN
Expert for plaintiff

Chambers v. Berne Cooperative
Monona Co., IA
Expert for plaintiff

Christiansen v. Agriland FS
Logan IA
Expert for defendant

Salem Glen Vineyard v. Bale
Rochester, MN
Expert for defendant

Eagle Creek Vineyards v. Brinkman
Olpe, KS
Expert for plaintiff

Fett v. Koch Agri Services
Minden, IA
Expert for plaintiff

Khalili v. Bonsai Smiths
Dallas, TX
Expert for plaintiff

McFarland v. Nebraska Public Power
Lexington, NE
Expert for defendant

Prairie Pharms v. Bergman Farmco
Mason City, IA
Expert for defendant

Rhodes v. Crop Production Services
Madrid, IA
Expert for defendant

Rossmanith v. Kerns
Rolf, IA
Expert for defendant

Steenhoek v. Kubal Aerial
Prairie City, IA
Expert for defendant

Wiig v. Farm Service Coop
Kirkman, IA
Expert for defendant

Zumpfe v. Nebraska Dept. of Roads
Lincoln, NE
Expert for plaintiff
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